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*This global studies course has been postponed.

Service-Learning Course: 30 hours of service required (you will be partnered with a K-12 teacher in NC, and you will create videos and give virtual cultural presentations to your partner class). This course will fulfill the Experiential Education (EE) requirement.

Course Description:

Our most basic assumptions about the world and its people are shaped during our formative years as K-12 students. Schools implicitly and explicitly teach culture and influence how we view the world and interact with the global community. The best way to gain knowledge about other countries and cultures is to experience it first-hand through travel, living abroad, and building relationships with those who are different than us; however, this is not an option for all K-12 students in North Carolina. For some students, their initial introduction to our global community is through the media and stereotyping.

Intercultural Education in K-12 Classrooms investigates how you can positively impact the lives and perspectives of North Carolina’s youth while minimizing the effects of cultural misconceptions and misinformation. To this end, we will explore topics related to K-12 global education, teaching and learning, and intercultural communication and competence. We will investigate such questions as:

  • What is intercultural education? International education? Global education? Multicultural education?
  • How does culture influence our perceptions, behavior, communication, assumptions, interactions, learning, teaching, and expectations?
  • How can we effectively navigate intercultural situations? How do we help K-12 students in this regard?
  • What is intercultural competence? How does one develop it?
  • What is the current state of intercultural/international/global/multicultural education in North Carolina?
  • How can technology be used to promote global education?
  • How does Carolina Navigators fit into the global education landscape?


Ideally, you need to have spent at least one summer (~3 months) outside of your home passport country, OR have other equivalent intercultural experience (from home, family, major at UNC, etc.). The resources that you create do not necessarily need to be about a country other than the U.S. You can recreate cultural resources about a Native American Tribe, or African American History and culture. You must allow room in your weekly schedule for the service requirement in addition to course meetings, assignments, and projects.

Elizabeth Bucrek is a Service-Learning Course Development Grant recipient through the Carolina Center for Public Service at UNC-Chapel Hill.


Carolina Navigators is a highly selective K-14 service-learning program that offers UNC students the opportunity to bring the world to North Carolina’s classrooms.


We also have global internships available. These positions are offered as unpaid internships for professional experience, or as paid work study positions.


As a way to give back, travel Awardees create a culture kit for Carolina Navigators during their time abroad.


Would you still like to be involved with Carolina Navigators after graduation from UNC? You could create a culture kit or video, or join our Advisory board! Click here to fill out a short survey to let us know how you would like to be involved. Thanks!