CGI Awardees

Congratulations on your award through CGI!  As a way to give back, we ask that you create a Culture Kit for Carolina Navigators during your time abroad. Carolina Navigators provides K-16 teachers and students with global education resources created by Carolina students who have international expertise. Culture Kits are collections of resources that contain authentic artifacts and contemporary and historical items, such as games, clothing, money, printed materials, tools, school uniforms, books, CDs, and DVDs, from a variety of countries.

Below is some guidance on what to bring back, and how to get reimbursed for items you purchased. We can reimburse you up to $100 US.

***Be sure to:***

1.Download the documents below so you know what items to bring back (PDF). Hint: everyday items that someone would encounter in their daily lives. Please shoot for 5-10 items. Please avoid purchasing stereotypical items, or tourist items.

-Culture Kit Collection Instructions

Photos of everyday life are also a nice addition. (e.g., photos of a local market with descriptions, photos of a local school with descriptions, photos showing how you get from where you’re living to where you’re working/studying, photos of people prepping dinner at home…)

2. Fill out the description form so we know what the items are, and their cultural context. You’re writing for K-12 teachers who will use these items in their classes.

-Model Descriptions from South Korea Kit

3. Get receipts whenever possible and bring them to UNC. We cannot reimburse you without receipts. If it’s not possible to get a receipt, make a detailed list of items with  prices in the local currency and US dollars.

Culture Kit Reimbursement Form (required)

-Culture Kit “no receipt” form (only required if you don’t have receipts for all items)

Feel free to email me your ideas – I’m happy to provide guidance! ( To see what items we might already have for your country/countries go to this website page and type your country into the keyword search. However, it is OK if you purchase similar items to what we already have, because we can create multiple kits for the same country.



1. Ideally, you will be able to complete your kit item descriptions and turn in your kit within 1-2 months of your return to campus.

2. Fill out the Culture Kit description form above. Please copy and paste photos of your items into the form if possible.

3. Email me an editable copy of your kit item descriptions at

4. Fill out the reimbursement form above. Please tape any receipts that you have to a white piece of paper. Include a HANDWRITTEN signature.

5. Fill out the “no receipt form” ONLY for any items that you don’t have receipts for.

6. Email me to set up an appointment to come into the office to turn in the papers, and the kit items.

You can turn in your culture kit and forms between 12 PM-6 PM most days Monday-Friday. Please email me to set up an appointment ( My office is in the Fedex Global Education Center, 301 Pittsboro St. Take the elevator up to the 3rd floor, and then go down the first hallway on the right. Walk most of the way down the hall and my office is on the right in 3015. You can also leave your items in a bag with your forms outside my office door any time that they building is open. Thanks again and we hope you enjoyed your time abroad!

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