Immigration in the UK

ID # 6841

Europe, United Kingdom

In this video, Navigator Abi teaches about immigration and migration in the United Kingdom. This video is part of a larger presentation from our spring 2020 Virtual Cultural Festival on Immigration in France, England, and Vietnam. This presentation was designed for a secondary audience.

Created By

Abi Mlo ’20

My name is H’Abigail Mlo, otherwise known as Abi, and I am a Human Development and Family Studies major with a minor in Asian Studies. Born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, I was rarely afforded the opportunity to travel abroad until I got to UNC-Chapel Hill. In summer 2018, two friends and I received a grant through the Vimy Global Team Award to conduct a digital storytelling research project in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. I was also able to study abroad in London in spring 2019 thanks to financial aid and scholarships. These experiences inspired my interest in global education and research, hence why I’m a Navigators Intern!

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