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Africa, Namibia

This kit has a flag, traditional clothing, a school uniform, Mopane worms, a newspaper, books, a necklace, mini soccer ball, and laminated images, currency, and maps.

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Gillian Litnyski

My name is Gillian Litynski and I am a nurse! I know you all know your school nurses, but nurses can do a lot more than just take care of patients! I travel around the world as a nurse learning more about health and healthcare so that we can save people’s lives. I am currently getting my PhD in nursing at UNC Chapel Hill. PhD nurses do research, meaning they try to expand our knowledge about nursing and health. In Namibia, I was working with a global health organization called Intrahealth International to learn more about healthcare workers in Namibia and how they can best take care of their patients. I made many Namibian friends while in Namibia. Traveling around the world as a nurse is really fun because you meet new people and learn about new cultures, all well helping people be healthier!

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