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Afghanistan, Asia

The items in the kit from Afghanistan include clothing items like a pakol hat, a pashmina, and a woman’s traditional outfit. There are also a variety of books such as an intro to the Dari language, “Nasreen’s Secret School”, “Countries and Cultures Afghanistan”, a Farsi (Persian) dictionary, “Razia’s Ray of Hope”, “Afghan Cuisine”, and “Afghanistan 101”. Additional items include 2 music CDs, chai tea, a newspaper, vase, currency, flag, lapis, and Afghan soil. Teach your students about the culture of Afghanistan, beyond the “single story”!

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Michael McHenry ’17

Michael McHenry is a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill with a dual major in Peace, War, and Defense (PWAD) and History. He has served multiple tours in central and southern Afghanistan and speaks Persian-Farsi. He attended the JFK Special Warfare Language School and served in 4th Psychological Operations Group out of Ft. Bragg. A cultural expert on Iran and Afghanistan he has been studying the region for over a decade.

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