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What can you do with Carolina Navigators?

We offer…


  • Choose from 200 Kits from 144 different countries or themes
  • Shipped FREE of charge, BOTH ways
  • Illustrate life in other cultures through everyday items
  • Organized by country and theme
  • Reserve quickly and easily with our online booking system!


  • Click on a culture kit, and scroll down to see lesson ideas in the PDF document!
  • Help you integrate global and intercultural education in your classroom
  • Include Kit item descriptions, discussion questions, Pinterest boards, and website and YouTube video links
  • Can be used in many subject areas and across multiple grade levels
  • Infuse the core curriculum with global content
  • Emailed to you as a PDF as soon as your request is approved. Plan your lessons in advance!
  • Model Lesson Plans coming soon!


Questions? Comments? We’d love to hear from you. Email us at navigators@unc.edu