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Explore the North African country of Algeria with this culture kit! Full of a variety of objects from Harissa, a popular condiment, to the book “Dakia fille d’Alger”, a journal written in French that tells the story of a young girl during the Algerian Civil War. It also includes the Algerian flag and the Berber flag, materials to learn the Arabic alphabet and the Kabyle Amazigh alphabet, and online resources, so you can listen to Rai music, or watch a YouTube video about Algerian history.

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Samantha Rivera ’21

My name is Samantha Rivera, I am a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill. My majors are Management & Society and Global Studies and I am minoring in Arabic. I chose to combine two of my passions together in my studies. I would like to work abroad in the future or with a nonprofit that assists refugees. I am of Salvadorian heritage and feel passionate about spreading cultural awareness. I believe learning more about each other’s cultures brings more unity. I look forward to my growth within Carolina Navigators, as this organization aligns with my goals of promoting international education through these culture kits. I hope to inspire others to go out into the world and explore new things!

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