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Argentina #2

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Argentina, South America

Check out our newest Argentina kit filled with items ranging from FIFA World Cup Trading Cards to maps of the Indigenous communities in Argentina. An actual soccer ribbon from the 2014 World Cup is included in this kit. Other items include: Argentine pesos, a SUBE card, a flag from the Falkland Islands, magazines, Legal Careers Brochures, leather bookmark, a political map of the country, Iguazu Falls 360 degree tour, photos and videos of the country, Comic books, music from different genres across the country, Indian Art, map of the Argentine Tango dance, books from famous Argentine authors, a guide to speaking Argentine Spanish, recipe and diagrams of Argentine foods, hand stitched hat of the Argentine flag, and a La Boca Postcard. You don’t want to miss out on this great Kit for your class! Appropriate for any age.

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Miranda Wodarski & Clara McDonnell

Hi my name is Miranda. I am a lover of travel, running, yoga, music, Spanish speaking, and healthy food cooking/eating, biking, laughing, exploring, and adventure going who studied abroad in Santiago, Chile for 5 months in 2012. I have been back to Chile two times after this due to my love for the country and the people and natural world wonders within. During the summer of 2013 I worked in Santiago as intern for the law school at the University Boliveriana for the International “Coined” exchange program. During the summer of 2014, I decided to work in Argentina to learn a new country. I worked as an intern for the Argentine Association of Women in Legal Careers (AAMCJ). I helped to facilitate the everyday operations of the international FIFCJ by helping to translate communications from the Federation President and the Federation Bureau from Spanish to English. These translations are essential to the work of the organization, whose official working languages are English and French. At the same time, I had the opportunity to become intimately involved with ongoing research and writing projects and advocacy projects that the AAMCJ undertakes on a regular basis. Studying and working abroad have been the best decisions I have made thus far in my life and I will always remember every single second of every experience I have had.

My name is Clara McDonnell, and I’m currently a senior at UNC Chapel Hill, studying Spanish Literature and Latin American Studies. I spent a semester in Sevilla, Spain and another semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While in Buenos Aires, I had an amazing time experiencing big city life, learning about Latin American history and literature, exploring Argentine culture, and meeting lots of both Argentines and other foreign students. I love reading, art, traveling, and drinking coffee.

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