Avoiding Misunderstandings in Uzbekistan

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Communication skills and styles are very important in our everyday lives, however they are even more important when it comes to understanding people from a different culture. In this post, I will address a few things you should know about the communication style similarities and differences between the US and Uzbekistan.

To begin, Uzbeks are very much relationship-oriented communicators. It is very important to first build a relationship because in their view a good relationship with another person (meaning also agreeing with their ideas even if they might be wrong) opens up many possibilities in the future- one day you might need to ask for a help or favor from that person. Going to the bazaar and getting a discount because you are nice to the seller and take time to ask how is she or he is a typical thing in Uzbekistan. An Uzbek will rarely disagree with your opinion unless it offends him or her personally.

The Importance of relationship building

Uzbek culture’s communication is also very circular since building relationships stand first, therefore they always find time for a social life. I believe this is how many Uzbeks developed a circular communication, they rarely go from point A to B.

Uzbek people always remember something in between and jump to another story but that is because they want their story or opinion to be very detailed and interesting, and they like to have long conversations. Therefore, if you ever go to Uzbekistan, do not expect your guest visits or outing with Uzbeks to be short. Be patient and do not assume that the time is being wasted because this is the part of their culture.

Like in the US, you might find some people in Uzbekistan who are detached communicators but these will be people that work for the government and their services. Overall, Uzbeks are attached communicators who will tell you a story with every emotion they experienced at that moment and listen to you sincerely.

If you find a person in Uzbekistan who is laughing at one second and talking with a serious face the next, it is a normal thing. Also, they are great listeners and advisors. If you ask for help or advice, if they won’t be able answer your question, they may even call their friends and ask for you!

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