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The Balkan Peninsula, or the Balkans, is a peninsula and a cultural area in Southeast Europe. This kit contains items from Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Albania, as well as some flags from other Balkan countries. Some of the kit items include food packages, currency, clothing items, postcards, and maps.

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Cate Brubaker, PhD & Kailey Rocker

Hi, I'm Cate. I help travelers in re-entry find their next global adventure and create their ideal global life at home or abroad at Small Planet Studio and the Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit. I also work with international schools around the world and undergraduate students at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Originally from Oregon, I lived in Germany for four years, and have worked and traveled throughout the US, Europe, the Caribbean, Australia, and Central and South America. I'm currently a part-time nomad based in Carrboro, NC.

Kailey: Hi, my name is Kailey Rocker and I am an anthropology PhD student studying at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. I work in the small, southeastern European country Albania, sandwiched between Italy and Greece. As a cultural anthropologist, I work with locals to understand the legacies of communism in present-day Albania. I first visited the country in 2010 when I began working on a five-summer-long archaeology project of the north. Since, I have returned several times to live, to laugh, to learn, to teach, and now to research. This past summer, I spent almost 3 months visiting important sites and talking with people from all over the country to learn more about Albania’s communist period.

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