Culture Kit

Burkina Faso

ID # 3804

Africa, Burkina Faso

This kit has clothing items and accessories such as a traditional fulani hat, pagne (fabric), and leather wallet. It also contains an informational book about Burkina Faso, photos of daily life, a music CD, maps, a flag, currency (West African Franc), and a DVD about drumming.

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Donna Egbulem

In an effort to satisfy her seemingly insatiable case of wanderlust, Donna Egbulem joined the Peace Corps just shortly after graduating from UNC Chapel Hill in 2012. While serving as a community outreach agent in Burkina Faso, she assisted in implementing health interventions that aimed to improve the overall health status of the population, particularly among mothers and children under five. While most of her primary projects were centered on community health development, almost all of her secondary projects were targeted towards youth. She assisted with youth camps and several youth conferences/trainings that promised youth the tools they need in order to become active participants in civil society and a driving force for change. As a proud Carolina Navigators alum, she spends most of her spare time catching up on world news and international multimedia, dancing, and learning new languages.