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Asia, Cambodia

Share the culture of Cambodia with your students by reserving our Cambodia kit now. Items in this kit include the national flag and currency, a Buddha statue, an incense kit, and postcards. The Cambodia kit also has many household items, such as a wooden jewelry box, a small woven basket, children’s toys (wooden clapper and wooden frog noise maker), and chopsticks.

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Robert Phay

Robert Phay is the director of World View, which he formed in 1998. World View is an international program that works to “help schools and colleges prepare students to succeed in an interconnected, diverse and multicultural world.” The program was established at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where Robert has served on the faculty for over thirty years. This summer he traveled to Cambodia and collected the items for this culture kit. Then, his World View staff (including World View’s Program Associate Leslie Hodges) proceeded to write the descriptions for these items.