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Chile, South America

This kit includes many interesting items. These items include an empanada recipe, a rain stick, a book of poems, bilingual children’s book, a Catholic Rosary, Mapuche Music and book, Chile Futbol Scarf, a Chilean flag, astronomy information, information on the Atacama Desert, Patagonia map, and Easter Island statue heads.

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Timber Beeninga

Hi my name is Timber Beeninga, and I am currently a sophomore student at UNC studying Economics and Global Studies. I traveled to Chile during the summer of 2014 for public service. I served in a children's home, taking care of 1 week-2 year old infants and toddlers. I stayed with a host mother in La Serena, Chile for eight weeks then traveled to the capital city, Santiago, and Argentina following my stay. Chile was a beautiful country with kind people, and I would love to return someday!

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