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China #3

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Asia, China

Teach your class about Chinese culture and reserve our China #3 kit today! Learn about clothing and school items by checking out the red guard hat, hats with braids, and pamphlets about a Chinese middle school. Other items include books about cooking, currency and calligraphy, postcards, a handheld drum, a large fan, and Chinese currency. Don’t miss out on this great resource!

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Liz Bucrek & Sian Li

Liz Bucrek is the program manager for Carolina Navigators and helps to provide K-16 teachers and students with global education resources created by Carolina students who have international expertise. She began working in the field of education in 2003. Liz has worked as a secondary French and Spanish teacher, as an instructional coach and as a high school director of the Academy of International Studies. Originally from Michigan, Liz has studied abroad in France, taught English in Spain and traveled throughout the U.S., Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia. She earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and her master’s degree at N.C. State University. In addition to working at the Center for Global Initiatives, Liz publishes French and Spanish lesson plans online, shares world language and technology resources with teachers on her blog, and is a Zumba fitness instructor. She enjoys sharing her passion for global education with teachers and students and is thrilled to be part of Carolina Navigators.

Even though Sian Li has never lived in China, she grew up with two Chinese parents and a Chinese culture at home. The first language she learned was Mandarin as her mom was a stay home mom at the time. She went to Chinese school during the weekends from ages 6-12 to learned Chinese and math. During this time, she learned traditional Chinese dances as well! She has visited China for whole summers to see her extended family. She is hoping to study abroad in Asia in spring semester 2015 to experience more of the Asian culture and be closer to her extended family.

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  1. Donetta Pedroza

    Thanks in advance for sending us the kit! I wish to teach my ESL learners about China (grades 2-5)


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