A Folktale from the Middle East-“Tortoise and the Fox”

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Afghanistan, Iran, Middle East

In this presentation, Navigator Mike teaches about Folktales from the Middle East. This video is part of a longer presentation from our Fall 2017 Virtual Cultural Festival. In the full presentation Navigators Chloe, Mike, and Bethany present on folktales in the middle east and from the Eastern Band Cherokee in the United States. This presentation was designed for a K-12 audience.

Created By

Mike McHenry ’18

Michael McHenry is a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill with a dual major in Peace, War, and Defense (PWAD) and History. He has served multiple tours in central and southern Afghanistan and speaks Persian-Farsi. He attended the JFK Special Warfare Language School and served in 4th Psychological Operations Group out of Ft. Bragg. A cultural expert on Iran and Afghanistan he has been studying the region for over a decade.

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