“Sports in China” and Q and A on Chinese Culture

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Asia, China

This video is a presentation from our spring 2017 Virtual Cultural Festival. Navigator Sian teaches about traditional sports in China and does a Q & A session on China with K-12 students in NC.

You can watch the video, “Dancing on Water: The Chinese Art of Bamboo Drifting”, mentioned in the video here.

Created By

Sian Li ’18

Even though she didn't grow up in China, Sian grew up with two Chinese parents and a Chinese culture at home. The first language she learned was Mandarin as her mom was a stay home mom at the time. She went to Chinese school during the weekends from ages 6-12 to learned Chinese and math. During this time, she learned traditional Chinese dances as well! She has visited China for whole summers to see her extended family. She studied abroad in England, and also spent a summer working in China to experience more of the Asian culture and be closer to her extended family.

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