Train Ticket to Paris

ID # 6937

England, Europe, France, United Kingdom

This video discusses train travel in Europe and follows a navigator’s journey from London to Paris.

Created By

Sarah Ithipathachai ’23

My name is Sarah Ithipathachai and I am a sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill double-majoring in Journalism and Communications. As the daughter of a Thai immigrant, I’ve learned that understanding and developing an appreciation for other cultures is vital to society. While I served as Student Body President of my high school in Greenville, North Carolina, I initiated the celebration of nationally recognized diversity months by my school’s administration. I have traveled to London and Paris and expect to study in Thailand as a Phillips Ambassador before graduating from UNC. I am excited to work with Carolina Navigators to inspire children across North Carolina to travel and learn more about the great world in which we live.

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