World View supports the global education efforts of K-12 and community college educators. Through professional development and outreach services, World View is committed to adding a global perspective to all grade levels and content areas.

World View brings together university faculty, regional experts, and global educators from across the country and organizes professional development opportunities including seminars and symposiums, workshops, online courses, on-site sessions, and study visits abroad. During these programs, participants immerse themselves with global knowledge and skills in order to integrate global education in all areas of the curriculum.


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill area studies centers cooperate to better serve the University and public by informing them of events, research and funding. The centers, part of the College of Arts and Sciences and housed in the FedEx Global Education Center, provide services and resources for teaching foreign languages, research and training in area and international studies and in instruction and research related to areas of the world and global issues. By pooling resources, the centers are able to develop programs that provide a deeper understanding of the world’s regions and of the importance of international education. Special emphasis is placed on offering resources to educators in North Carolina. Affirming the University’s global prominence, five of the area studies centers have been designated as Title VI National Resource Centers funded through competitive grants from the U.S. Department of Education.

In addition, the DUKE-UNC Consortiums encourage collaboration across our two campuses.