Program Manager and Instructor

Elizabeth Bucrek

Liz Bucrek is the program manager and instructor for Carolina Navigators, and helps to provide K-16 teachers and students with global education resources created by UNC students who have international expertise. She began working in the field of education in 2003. Liz has worked as a secondary French and Spanish teacher, as an instructional coach, and as the Director of the Academy of International Studies at Carrboro High School.

Originally from Michigan, Liz has studied abroad in France, taught English in Spain, and has traveled to 24 countries in North America, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Asia. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and her Master’s Degree at NC State University. She enjoys sharing her passion for Global Education with teachers and students! Outside of work, Liz keeps busy teaching Zumba Fitness and Yoga classes.

Email:     Phone: (919) 843-6860



Edly Massanga

Edly Rachel Massanga grew up in Haiti and moved to the United States four years ago to pursue her undergraduate studies. She transferred to UNC after completing her Associate’s degree. She is a fourth year undergraduate student, majoring in Global Studies and Hispanic Literature and Culture. She volunteered teaching abroad in Dominican Republic last spring and studied abroad for five weeks last summer in Cusco Peru. She is excited to intern with Carolina Navigators because she is passionate about promoting International Education. She believes that there is no better to do that than to start in the classroom in a practical way by integrating culture kits as part of the curriculum.


My name is Holland Page, and I am a senior at UNC majoring in Human Development and Family Studies with minors in Education and Music. I had the wonderful opportunity to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain in the fall of 2018. While I lived in Spain, I interned at a local elementary school as an ESL teacher for students ages 3-12. This experience solidified my passion in promoting intercultural competence through global education and dual language programs. I believe that an important step at closing the achievement gap in the US is by providing global education opportunities to all students through accessible programming and resources. I will be pursuing a master’s in education in Training in Development at NC State this coming fall to work towards achieving these career goals. I am excited to be working with Carolina Navigators this semester as I gain more experience in the world of K-12 global education!

Sarah Ithipathachai

My name is Sarah Ithipathachai and I am a freshman at UNC Chapel Hill majoring in Media and Journalism. As the daughter of a Thai immigrant, I’ve learned that understanding and developing an appreciation for other cultures is vital to society. While I served as Student Body President of my high school in Greenville, North Carolina, I initiated the celebration of nationally recognized diversity months by my school’s administration. I have not yet traveled abroad, but hope that studying at UNC will soon give me the opportunity to do so. I am excited to work with Carolina Navigators to inspire children across North Carolina to travel and learn more about the great world we live in.

Jada McLeod

My name is Jada McLeod and I’m a sophomore Economics major at UNC-Chapel Hill. Last year I worked as a literacy tutor for the Student Coalition for Action in Literacy Education. This organization placed a major emphasis on including themes of diversity and inclusiveness in the classroom. Over the summer I had a month-long internship in Mexico, which fueled my passion for learning about other cultures. These experiences inspired my interest in bringing a global perspective to the classroom and led me to join Carolina Navigators. I am so excited to be a part of Carolina Navigators’ goal of encouraging youth to be more aware of the diversity in the world around them.

Isabel Horak

My name is Isabel Horak and I’m a sophomore at UNC. While I’m still undecided, I have a strong interest in Global Studies and Anthropology and hope to pursue my course of education in those areas. In the past, I’ve worked with an Appalachian Studies program at a learning center in Highlands, NC and feel as it is important to embrace and understand different cultures—whether they be local or global! I am extremely excited to be working with an organization that provides international education to schools. It is imperative for kids to have a sense of global awareness and understanding, and Carolina Navigators provides that opportunity.

Abi Mlo

My name is H’Abigail Mlo, otherwise known as Abi, and I am a Senior Human Development and Family Studies major with a minor in Asian Studies. Born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, I was rarely afforded the opportunity to travel abroad until I got to UNC-Chapel Hill. In summer 2018, two friends and I received a grant through the Vimy Global Team Award to conduct a digital storytelling research project in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. I was also able to study abroad in London in spring 2019 thanks to financial aid and scholarships. These experiences inspired my interest in global education and research, hence why I’m a Navigators Intern! In the future, I hope to be involved in increasing access to educational resources for communities who are often overlooked in the public education system (low-income, immigrant/refugee, of color, etc.)


Sammie Rivera

My name is Samantha Rivera, I am junior at UNC-Chapel Hill. My majors are Management & Society and Global Studies and I am minoring in Arabic. I chose to combine two of my passions together in my studies. I would like to work abroad in the future or with a nonprofit that assists refugees. I am of Salvadorian heritage and feel passionate about spreading cultural awareness. I believe learning more about each other’s cultures brings more unity. I look forward to my growth within Carolina Navigators, as this organization aligns with my goals of promoting international education through these culture kits. I hope to inspire others to go out into world and explore new things!

Gianna Tahan

My name is Gianna Tahan. I am a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill, who is majoring in Global Studies and French. As a dual citizen with the United States and France, I have always been interested in promoting global engagement. While studying abroad in France for a semester, I worked with middle school children and taught them about American culture and history. This experience influenced my interest in global education because we must first understand foreign cultures before we can interact effectively with them. This helps to explain why I am very excited to be part of Carolina Navigators. This organization provides global education resources to schools all around North Carolina, which is incredibly important in an increasingly interconnected, multicultural world.